Beginning German Intensive

Beginning German Intensive

Live, breathe, eat, and sleep German language and culture by immersing yourself in this intensive study abroad experience and exploring one of Europe's most dynamic and historic cities.


Spend four weeks exploring the world’s most exciting experimental space--the city of Berlin--where the arts collide head on with history and politics. Bard College Berlin gives you the city as a lens and a laboratory for engaging with the historical development and contemporary perplexities of Western modernity. 

Contact: Thomas Wild (, Franz Kempf (, or Stephanie Kufner (

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The Beginning German Intensive (12 credits) consists of two integral parts:
  1. Bard, Annandale: Fall Intensive (8 credits) - Sign up Spring and Fall 2021
  2. Bard, Berlin: January Intensive (4 credits) - approx. January 3, 2022 – January 21, 2022
Pre-Trip Course Requirements

GER 106: Beginning German Intensive (8 credits)
Intensive study of a foreign language helps to create a highly effective and exciting learning environment and a high degree of proficiency in the shortest possible time. The Beginning German Intensive is designed to enable students with little or no previous experience of German to complete the equivalent of 2 semesters of college-level German within five months. Students take 10 class hours per week during the 15- week semester at Bard for 8 credits.

WLI Winter Language Intensive (4 credits)

Living on the Bard College Berlin campus in Pankow, students continue daily intensive study of German language and culture (20 hours per week).Together with faculty and/or independently students will have ample time to explore Berlin’s cosmopolitan atmosphere and cultural and intellectual riches. 4 credits 

Eligibility and Credit Transfer

All students may apply. Please contact Professor Thomas Wild  ASAP.  
Current students: Before you register for the class, you need to schedule an interview with the professor. Successful applicants will be able to enroll to the GER 106: German Beginning Intensive on  May 9, 2021.  
First-year and transfer students:  Schedule an interview with the professor. Successful applicants will then be able to enroll to the GER 106: German Beginning Intensive on August 29, 2021.
After successful completion of this first part of their language studies (Part I) students are automatically eligible to participate in the 4- credit German Intensive, Berlin (Part II) - no GPA requirements apply. After successfully completing the 4-credit BCB Intensive, students will receive full credit on their Bard transcript.

Berlin Activities
          A list of film nights, dinners, gallery visits, lectures, theater and musical performances that round out the cultural program:
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Photo Gallery - German Winter Intensive 2019

Photo Gallery - German Intensive Winter 2018

Photo Gallery - German Intensive Sommer 2017

Photo Gallery - German Intensive Sommer 2016

Photo Gallery - German Intensive Sommer 2015 

Photo Gallery - German Intensive Sommer 2014