Student Video Projects

Student Video Projects

Brecht on Trial (1998)

German studies student production based on Brecht's appearance before the House Committee of Un-American Activities of the McCarthy era. Features many of his most famous poems, songs, and plays. A performance by The German Studies Department of 1998.

Director: Stephanie Kufner
Length: 92min

The Annandale Ensemble:
Director: Nick Bodkin
Music Directors: Jeff GiaQuinto, Ian Greer
Actors: Gabriel Lally (Narrator), Maurice York (Brecht), Thomas Kernan (Stripling D.A. [Dramatic Advocate], offstage-voice), Nick Bodkin (Translator Baumgardt), Vera Mukherjee (Pseudo-Brecht I), Aeron Kopriva (Pseudo-Stripling), Devon Ludlow (Pseudo-Brecht II), Valerie Levan (Pseudo-Chairman), Nate Schwartz (Moralizer), Igor Romanenko (Clown 1), Gwynneth Smith (Clown 2)

Poems: Maurice York (Ballade vom armen B.B.), Valerie Levan (Der Ctuckeschreiber, Arbeitslosigkeit), Matthew Katz-Bohen (Auslanderfeindlichkeit--Die Medea von Lodz), Jeremy Brett (An die Nachgeborenen), Gabriel Lally (Setzen Sie sich, Verehrtes Publikum); Songs: Anastasia Massakovskaya (Eifersuchtsduett, Soldier's Wife), Gabriel Lally (Eifersuchtsduett, Sexuelle Horigkeit, Surabaya--Johnny), Jeff GiaQuinto (Legende des Toten Soldaten); Jeff GiaQuinto, G. Lally, M. York, A. Massakovskaya (Lob des Lernens); Ian Greer (Denn wovon lebt der Mensch);

Chorus: Gaddy Davis, Jane Thompson, Dan Desmond, Susie David, Ursula Arsenault, Kathryn Martin, Gabriel Lally, Vallerie Levan, Vera Mukherjee, Maurice York, Anastasia Massakovskaya; Musicians: Lukacs Moravek (Guitar), Anastasia Massakovskaya (Piano), Matthew Katz-Bohen (Bass), Bryan VanTassell (Drums), Sean Price (Drums), Jeff GiaQuinto (Guitar), Ian Greer (Saxophone), Finn Pursell (Piano).

A Dream Disturbed (1999)

A bilingual student-scripted play based on Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

Freedom of the Modern Ape (2002)

Directed by Stephanie Kufner, preformed by the students of the German Studies Theater Tutorial

Report to an Academy (1917) by Franz Kafka, adapted for the stage by the students of the German Studies Theatre Tutorial 2002, under the directions of Stephanie Kufner.

What would happen if you took an "upwardly mobile ape" and integrated him into human society? What if you asked him to leave behind everything he knew to adopt an entirely new identity? Say this ape attained success and fame, going on to teach others his secrets of success. Staged on May 9, 2002 at Bard Hall.

Actors (in order of appearance):
Impressario (Bryan Bower), Rot Peter (Adam Christopher), Chimpanzee/Rot Peter's wife (Claire Diamond), Student (Christian Luethi), Rot Peter's Son (Clayton Kennedy), Man 1/Lab Assisstant (JennaLee Dixon), Dance and Music Teacher (JennaLee Dixon), Man 2/Lab Assistant 2(Bryan Bower). Musicians: Luke Massouth (Drums), Margot Kreidemuller (Piano), Jean Pesce (Guitar).

Musical Excerpts from: Cabaret; America, The Beautiful; Ape Man (The Kinks). Text taken from Franz Kafka's: Fragmenta, Bericht an eine Akademie, Der Prozess.

Wit & Resistance (2000)

Student Play of 100 years of German Cabaret in word and song.

Before the Law (2004)

Written and Directed by Stephanie Kufner & Imogen Minton

A bilingual collage of music, acting, and "priestly" commentary based on Franz Kafka's The Trial. Spring Semester 2004 German Theater Production Class. Ideas for the Stage Set and Chorus based on Steven Berkoff's dramatic adaption of Franz Kafka novels.

A man from the country seeks the law and wishes to gain entry to the law through a doorway. The doorkeeper tells the man that he cannot go through at the present time. The man asks if he can ever go through, and the doorkeeper says that is possible. The man waits by the door for years, bribing the doorkeeper with everything he has. The doorkeeper accepts the bribes, but tells the man that he accepts them "so that you do not think you have failed to do anything." The man waits at the door until he is about to die. Right before his death, he asks the doorkeeper why even though everyone seeks the law, no one else has come in all the years. The doorkeeper answers "No one else could ever be admitted here, since this gate was made only for you. I am now going to shut it." In some English translations of the original German text, the word "Law" is capitalized. It is important to keep in mind, however, that this is the prerogative of the translator who might wish to focus attention on the myriad connotations of the word beyond its simple juridical meaning; for example, in religious (law as moral or God's law) or psychoanalytic (Freud's "Law of the Father") contexts. In the original German, the capitalization of the word Gesetz ("Law") reflects a standard adherence to the rules of German orthography, which require that all nouns be capitalized, and does not necessarily have wider significance

Director/Scripwriters: Imogen Minton, Stephanie Kufner.
Length: 1h 51m

Of Crime and Cauliflower (2005)

An adaptation of Bertolt Brecht's "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui" made by the German Scriptwriting class in the Spring of 2005.

Cassandra - Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition (2007)

Written and Directed by Imogen Minton

A senior project by Imogen Minton '07 performed April 28th and 29th, 2007 According to the myth, Apollo took a fancy to Cassandra and offered to trade her the ability to see the future in exchange for her compliance in the sack. When she, apparently, went back on the deal at the last minute, he flew into a rage and turned his gift into a curse -- through her prophenicies would be accurate, no one would believe her. So the story goes... But would the myth be different if we had it from Cassandra herself? The play begins, anytime and anywhere, with Cassandra's reawakening. Assisted by a chorus of average citizens, she tells her version of how Troy came to fall. Yet as the tale unfolds, it takes on a life of its own, and catches Cassandra andd the chorus up in its momentum. The past becomes the present. And we must ask ourselves, when nothing is done to disrupt histories patterns, if we have to be prophets in order to see the future. Bi-Lingual Play.

Writer/Director: Imogen Minton
Stage Manager: Aya McKeen
Choreography: Ella Stocker
Producer: Stephanie Kufner
Starring: Sara Frier - Cassandra; Willy Crichton - Aenas; Emma McGowan - Hector, Panthous; Ted Quinlan - King Priam; Ella Stocker - Queen Hecuba; Holly Young - Paris; Danielle Sherman - Arisbe; Samuel Lang Budin - Eumelos; Kaja Engle - Polyxena; Aya McKeen - Chorus; Imogen Minton - Melelaus; Coral Pendell - Chorus.