FLCL Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Concentrating, Majoring & Graduating

English Language Program

  • What kinds of English language classes are offered during the school year? Expand for more.
  • How many credits will I receive for these classes? Expand for more.
  • Are the classes for one semester or for the whole year? Expand for more.
  • Do you offer other workshops or tutorials? Expand for more.
  • During L&T in August, is English language assistance available? Expand for more.
  • How do I find a tutor and what kinds of tutoring are offered? Expand for more.
  • Who are the tutors? Expand for more.
  • Can I take the TOEFL or IELTS test at Bard? Expand for more.
  • Where is the English Language Program located and who should I contact for info? Expand for more.
  • What if I already have an accepted TOEFL score? Expand for more.
  • What if I don't have a TOEFL score? Expand for more.
  • How can I become an English Language Tutor? Expand for more.

Language Requirements

Language Learning Support